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  • David J Marks


Monday Morning greetings from London W10, I hope you’re well.

How did you enjoy the first week of real winter last week? Most of the week it was really cold but dry, crisp with clear blue skies. I was out and about meeting clients last week so had the best of our Alpine like days. This week, the weather people tell us will be very different from last week there will be rain and double figure temperatures. I have to say I really did enjoy the crisp but cold, sunny days, it gives one a good to be alive type feeling.

This week I’m out and about with Filipe de Pina and Mathilde Arthaud from TA DMC Portugal and Spain, I am, as always contactable on my mobile 07710-031475. If you see me on the M1 motorway on the way to Leeds give us a wave. Oh before I forget, if you are in the mood for a party today, Monday 25th January is (Robbie) Burns night and day. If you are off for a wee dinner of Haggis, neeps and taties washed down with large quantities of eighteen year old, single Malt Whisky have fun, enjoy Burns night and when you wake up on Wednesday having no recollection of Monday night, missing Tuesday completely don’t come to me cause I told you so. I am giving up haggis neeps and taties for tapas, paella, fajitas washed down with copious quantities of fine red Rioja. I win J

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Gaia Terrazzi of +39 ITALY will be in the UK visiting clients, if you would like to meet up with her do let me know, Gaia knows what’s cool, funky and happening in Italy. +39 ITALY have offices in Rome, Milan and Florence this enables the +39 team to operate all over Italy.

It’s clear from the lack of destination information on what is new and funky from the DMCs that everyone is back to normal, tight deadlines, proposals like crazy, everyone back to work, Christmas and New Year celebrations now clearly serious history.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

I think Leyla and I have more discussions about her mobile phone than anything else. Every evening I ask her to give me the mobile phone and she pleads with me to let her have it upstairs in her room, occasionally she get the better of me, as my Mum says; I’m a soft touch, softer than she is and she is really soft. One night last week I capitulated, I allowed Leyla to have her phone in her room at night. At 2.33 in the morning, I noticed the lights were still on, I gently opened my bedroom door and crept upstairs as if I was about to burgle the place. I peered round the door of Leyla’s room to see my beautiful 13 year old daughter, wide awake tap tapping on the iPhone, I held my hand out, I said one word “phone”, it was relinquished immediately. I won’t be letting her win me over in anytime soon.

Why is it that 13 year old ALWAYS put off doing today what can be skived out of tomorrow. She has had a project to do on religion she has known about it for months we have had conversations about it for months. The project event where all projects go on display is on Tuesday and I write Leyla is still putting the finishing touches to it whilst watching TV on the lap top. I need to find a way of enabling her to do research on the internet but not being able to search for and watch TV programs on the same screen.

Hannah has had a very quiet weekend, she started to run a temperature Saturday morning it was quite high Saturday night despite calpol and nurofen being administered at regular intervals. Hannah came down twice during the night, one time I had to go and arrange her bedding, her temperature had soaked her pjs and sheets, ahhhh bless her. So much of nothing I could do but I am happy to report she is a lot better this Sunday afternoon.

That’s it you are up to date. I hope you have an awesome week.

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