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  • David J Marks


Monday Morning greetings from London W10, as I’m writing this to you the sun is shining in a crystal clear blue sky and thank goodness I’m looking at it from inside and not outside as it’s really cold out there. This is our first real taste of winter and actually it’s not that bad. We need a bit of winter, I was in Hampstead Garden suburb last week and the Daffodils were out in the gardens, that is ridiculous.

OMG David Bowie and Alan Rickman both have gone to meet their maker; RIP. Iran it seems are back in the “game” and if the USA aren’t careful Iran will have the capabilities, in the not too distant future to hasten the departure of a lot of innocent people. Let’s hope the USA and the World’s Nuclear watchdog teams are on top of their game.

We are just about to enter the third week of January and I’m delighted to say that things are definitely back to normal, clients are wanting responses yesterday, lead times are back to ridiculous and all is well in the world. Just the way I like it, I hope that is the case for you and yours.

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Agnes and the team at Microcosmos Budapest have told us that at the end of March Wizz Air will start flying from Liverpool to Budapest, they are kicking off with two flights a week on a Wednesday and a Sunday, perfect for a three night conference or incentive in the classical city of Budapest.

Portugal & Spain

Filipe de Pina, Managing Director of TA DMC Portugal and Mathilde Arthaud, Operations & Business Development Manager of TA DMC Spain will be in the UK visiting clients and updating us on what’s new in each of their destinations, if you would like to meet up with the TA team please let me know.


Gaia Terrazzi of +39 ITALY will be in the UK visiting clients, if you would like to meet up with her do let me know, Gaia knows what’s cool, funky and happening in Italy. +39 ITALY have offices in Rome, Milan and Florence this enables the +39 team to operate all over Italy.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

On Monday I made the girls really nice fresh soup and roast chicken for dinner. I called the girls, Hannah came down Leyla wouldn’t come down so I called her somewhat forcefully to come to the table, she came down, however she was sooooo upset and I thought to myself it cannot be just because I shouted at her to come down for dinner. Leyla was so upset that she had to leave the table. I asked Hannah, “what’s the problem with Leyla”, “she can’t tell you Daddy” was the response. So I ran through a list of things that it could be, I won’t bore you with the list but you can imagine. The response from Hannah was no, no, no. I did finally get the reason why she was crying it turns out Leyla had dropped her phone on the concrete floor of the garage, it smashed beyond recognition, not only was the glass shattered but the front fascia had come away exposing the mother board and internal stuff that a phone is made of. This I believe is the fourth time but certainly the most comprehensive smash so far. Apparently I said, if she broke her phone again I wouldn’t repair it.

Well I simply could not see my beautiful baby (13 year old) daughter so distressed I guess I am just a soft tough, I took the phone in to the local repair shop paid for an express service, the phone is now working again and in her demanding and damaging little hands with another bunch of terms and conditions.

Last week Hannah sat two entrance exams and had one interview for big schools, she didn’t seem nervous at all and the interview was an absolute breeze. I think she really enjoyed chatting to the teachers, she is one of those children that is very comfortable in most situations. As a reward for her alleged hard work in exam preparations I took her and a friend to see a movie called Daddy’s Home a movie about a Dad and a Step Dad. The girls enjoyed the movie I was the tag along bank facility.

That’s it you are up to date, wishing you a terrific week ahead.

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