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  • David J Marks


Monday Morning greetings from a chilly, wet London W10, hope you are well.

Did you see the news last week? The BBC Sports Desk was reporting from the sun drenched, crystal clear blue skies of South Africa, they were reporting on the international cricket match between South Africa and the English Cricket team. Not wanting to bore you with the fact that England threw away a 500 run advantage leading to the game being a draw the weather in South Africa was amazing this is sooooo the perfect time to go, cold here nice and warm there if you want to know more about South Africa I am sure Shaun and Brad of The Inside Edge would be delighted to hear from you. Indeed if your clients want instant sunshine Dubai, Miami, Mauritius, Cancun also work very, very well this time of year.

OMG what sad news David Bowie has died, an amazing creative icon of the past four decades is no longer.

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Just in case you missed our understated announcement; we are celebrating because as of 1st January 2016 MM and Company have agreed to represent ITC DMC PRAGUE. We have known and occasionally worked with Daniel and the team at ITC for many years, we have discussed the opportunities that exist for MM and Company to work together with ITC DMC Prague. Daniel and the team have delivered a number of very successful events for our Conference and Incentives clients over the past few years, who know they operate to a very high standard and we are all delighted that ITC DMC Prague have joined our portfolio of

A List World Class DMCs represented by MM and Company

Portugal & Spain

Filipe de Pina, Managing Director of TA DMC Portugal and Mathilde Arthaud, Operations & Business Development Manager of TA DMC Spain will be in the UK visiting clients and updating us on what’s new in each of their destinations, if you would like to meet up with the TA team please let me know.


Gaia Terrazzi of +39 ITALY will be in the UK visiting clients, if you would like to meet up with her do let me know, Gaia knows what’s cool, funky and happening in Italy. +39 ITALY have offices in Rome, Milan and Florence this enables the +39 team to operate all over Italy.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

For many reasons it’s just the three of us this week and some, Leyla, Hannah and me their Dad. This could be described as I have the girls for the next 10 days or alternatively the girls have me alone for the next 10 days each takes a very different perspective. I survived he weekend, in fact it was a great weekend not too many dramas and for sure there was not a crisis in sight. I read this great quote by a long dead American comedy legend George Burns “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close knit family in another city”

Why is it that when it is time for my girls to settle down for the night I have to battle to get their “i” appliances out of their hands? Hannah tends to give it up easier than Leyla, on occasions it is a wrestling match to get Leyla’s i phone, one thing they both do is they negotiate “Daddy I promise I won’t use it, look at it, touch it” Yeah sure give it over now.

Last week I took it off Leyla set it up to charge in the kitchen and settled down for the night. Half an hour later I hear footsteps going past my door, “hello” I thought. These footsteps went down to the kitchen then back upstairs. As a diligent Dad I got up, stealthily went to Leyla’s room peeked in to see her merrily what’s apping, instagraming, streaming TV programs. Leyla “now” was all I said, it was handed over. The next morning her phone was not charge I was for sure not going down stairs to charge it up after that little performance of rebellion, I decided to rebel myself.

That’s it you are up to date I hope you have an amazing week

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