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  • David J Marks


Greetings from London W10, I hope you’re well and that you had a great weekend. OMG what an amazing Sunday of sunny dry and warm weather we had in the South, I took a real Autumn type photo and posted it on Instagram and Facebook both at the same time, all clever stuff these I phones I hope you saw it my Instagram name is David.Pasha it will be a busy Instagram page next week.

The Jewish New Year has been celebrated it is now the year 5777. This week for me and members of the tribe is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the festival starts Tuesday evening at 6 o’clock and finishes 7 o’clock on Wednesday evening. During this time we do not eat or drink, it’s a 25 hour fast. I find it quite easy to fast, even my girls are fasting this year, Leyla because she is over 12 years old and had had her Bat Mitzvah, when in the eyes of the Jewish law she is an adult and Hannah because she is almost 12 in preparations for Jewish adulthood.

If all this makes sense to you may I wish you, your family and friends “well over The Fast”

Diwali is up and coming it starts on 30th October and lasts for five days. I am sure many more festivals for loads of different people are on the horizon, I am not, as yet, going to mention the festival for a huge part of the world at the end of the year, there is time for that, although the Marks and Spencer “end of year festival” catalogue arrived through the post on Tuesday last week Yikeeeeessssss.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News


I’m very happy to report that Clem and her C Florida Hospitality DMC team are all safe and well, if a little bit blown about a bit due to the hurricane just skirting the coast of Miami. Clem was managing a UK group of 48 people at the time, there is nothing Clem loves more than a challenge. Thankfully the weather did not affect the event and all went home very happy indeed

IMEX Las Vegas


From Florida, Clementine Moore of C Florida Hospitality will be at IMEX as a visitor

So far the declared DMC runners and riders that MM and Company represent who will be attending IMEX USA are as follows;

The J Team, Japan

TA, Spain

Quetzal Motivo, Costa Rica & Panama


Lina, Dounia and the team at Visit Morocco has asked us to put together a Business Development Trip to Morocco. There is no doubt about it, interest in Morocco is picking up, it’s been off the radar for a short while but is coming back strongly which is why we have decided to do a Business Development Event, we have ten British Airways seats reserved for the trip, I know for a fact six of them have been filled with conference and incentive clients that have asked us to do a trip to Morocco. If Marrakech in Morocco is of interest and I’m sure it will be to you please let me know, we would be delighted to confirm your place on the trip.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

A few weeks ago I told you about Leyla’s challenge with her maths homework, the challenge continues except she is being not the best behaved pupil in the maths class so much so that her maths teacher phoned me. I know Leyla well for obvious reason, when she is confident, she is a terrific pupil, she is great at Spanish, she likes the teacher and enjoys the language, she likes art, geography and history however maths as I remember all too well was invented by Beelzebub. We all know that the world runs on maths, indeed computers and I phones do as well, try telling that to a fourteen year old. On Sunday I asked Leyla do you have any homework? “No Daddy” was her reply “Oh really Leyla well I got an e mail from your Maths teacher” was my response. Then the truth came out “I have some homework” said Leyla “well get it done then” was my reply. She logged onto the computer 10 minutes later she was done and got 94% as the computer marks the homework as soon as it is done.

Hannah is getting very excited about her forthcoming Bat mitzvah, she is preparing the lesson that she will give to the Synagogue community on the 17th December. I’m learning my bit that I will be doing in the Synagogue on the same day. Hannah is also excited in wanting to know every little detail, wanting to be involved in every little decision and quite frankly that just is not going to happen.

Hannah had her first French test and got sixteen out of twenty. She was proud of her efforts and so was I. If it had been me telling my Dad that I had got sixteen out of twenty, his response almost certainly would have been “why did you get four wrong”. My, how times have changed.

Well that’s about all the news so you are up to day I hope you have an amazing week, oh ONE MORE THING there will not be a Monday e mail next week as I am travelling.

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