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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 22nd January 2024

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Good morning from a sub-zero London W10 I hope you are well, I say sub-zero but by the time you read this it may well be +8 to10 degrees C and very wet.

The Monday morning e mail takes a while to write I started this one last Friday morning, the car was a block of ice, the dash board told me it was -4 degree C and to be honest the car was reluctant to start a bit like me on that particular morning.


Whilst we have all been in the deep freeze a bit Spring is not too far down the road, signs of spring are already beginning to show, snowdrops are peeking out of the wrecked postage-stamp sized lawn in the garden of London NW6 and daffs are on sale at 99p a bunch.


Whilst the weather has cooled down politics is heating up the Rwanda bill is in the House of Lords where I am guessing they will shred it to bits even though it is part or Rishi’s master plan to get re-elected. That plan hit a little bump in the road with an uptick in the inflation rate from 3.9% to 4% not a great increase but an increase nevertheless that the Opposition latched onto like a leech.


Not good news for Port Talbot with Tata closing the steel works to replace the coal fired furnaces with electric ones, a sign of the times for sure and whatever anyone says and I am no scientist the global warming” stuff seems to have some validity.


Today is 108th day Israeli babies, toddles, children, teens, women, men and seniors have been held hostage in the Hamas terror tunnels in Gaza.  


The Hamas v Israel war looks like it is spreading and that does not bode well for the region and for the people in the region especially Iranians living in the region. A missile attacked in Damascus Syria has blown away five members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, only a couple of hundred thousand to go but as they say the journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step.  If, however the Iranian Guard and all the other terrorist actors in the region put down their weapons and declared peace there would be no more death, the likelihood of that happening is ZERO


I was really disappointed that the space craft due to make a soft landing on the moon has made a very hard landing in an ocean on earth as it was not a successful event. Space exploration fascinates me, I would have loved to have gone into space but I guess that ship has sailed without me on board, apparently there are a number of these types of projects in the pipeline.


And that is about it, oh by the way I am sending this on Saturday evening because I have a mad, mad busy day on Sunday.


Finally, next week there will be no Monday morning e mail as next Monday I will be in Mauritius on a site inspection with Stephane, Carine, Karl and the team at Hello Islands DMC Mauritius where the weather is currently 29 degrees C dry sunny and warm it is such a strange co incidence that I am on a site inspection in Mauritius when the weather in the UK is cold and wet, or just  very cold or freezing cold either of those do not work for me I am fed up of being cold, I need some heat and vitamin D from the sun’s rays.  Of course, it goes without saying but I will say it none the less my mobile 07710-031475

is never off plus I will be checking my e mails every hour on the hour so if you do need anything please let me know. Sandra and Ella will be in the office also checking e mail accounts so nothing will be missed and that is a promise.   


And dear reader that is about it from a David point of view for this week at least.  


MM and Company news update


Jyoti, Christina, Candy and the team at TRAVCO DMC Dubai and Abu Dhabi with an office in Oman tells us that the Address Fountain Views is to be rebranded as Address Dubai Mall.

Located in downtown Dubai, on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Address Dubai Mall located near Burj Khalifa connects to the world’s largest retail and entertainment destination, Dubai Mall, and the recently opened Chinatown Dubai Mall, through an air-conditioned walkway. The property has 193 rooms, 783 residences, six restaurants, with an infinity pool with views of Downtown Dubai, Dubai Fountains and Burj Khalifa. The venue has business boardrooms and spacious ballrooms.

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