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  • David J Marks

Dateline Monday 11th December 2023

Happy Monday I hope all is well with you and yours, how was your weekend? The weather seems to have warmed up since the zero and minus temperatures of few days ago. Today is looking like it will be a nice day then rain and quite windy till Thursday when it will turn nicer, drier but colder, Friday and the weekend will be cold, sunny and dry.  


One and a half weeks to go and then that will be it for at least two weeks maybe stretching to three weeks nothing really gets going until middle of the second week of January.

Week ten of the war that Hamas, on behalf of the innocent citizens of Gaza declared against Israel by massacring 1,200 unarmed civilian and taking 240 pensioners, men, women, children and babies. Seems like the Israel DEFENCE Force has got Hamas on the run, I am however, very worried about the Israeli Hostages, where are they? where is the Red Cross? what are they doing to get the Israeli hostages out of the clutches of the Hamas savages? I hope they are not going to end up “collateral damage”.


Robert Jenrick Immigration Minister has resigned from the Government and the Rwanda debate is front and centre once again, yes immigration must be controlled and I think the move to stop students coming to study here and bringing their Mums and Dads is a good idea, after all university is supposed to ready a young person for adult life without Mum and Dad.


I see Argentina has a new President, Javier Milei has just been sworn in, he is a very interesting choice, an intellectual economist with radical ideas I wonder how long it will take for Argentina to implode.

COP 28 in Dubai continues apace TRAVCO DMC Dubai and Abu Dhabi had several groups attending the conference.

Finally, if you are celebrating Chanukah I hope you are having a great time, full of love and light.

That’s it from a David point of view.


MM and Company news update 



Martin and Evelyn of e+o DMC Austria have told us that The Anantara Palais Hansen will be one of the new 5 star hotels in Vienna taken over from the Kempinski Palais Hansen Hotel. The hotel is located on the famous Ringstrasse boulevard, amid palaces, theatres, and world-class restaurants.


Our DMCs

There is not much news from the DMC are they are all delivering the final events for the year and I know for a fact they are looking forward to some chill time and some down time especially Eva and the team at Cornerstone Meetings DMC Germany they have been madly busy since September.





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