March 23, 2020


Happy Monday, it seems a week is a long time in the life of an epidemic, increased cases all over the world except China which has got to be good news, in fact very good news.  If it took China from January to mid-March to declare no further cases, then I reckon by the beginning of June we should be out the other side of this COVID 19. Got to love some positive news I think we need to celebrate that news, clearly the draconian actions Chins took have generated results.


The virus is effecting millions of people and hundreds of thousands of businesses, on Sunday afternoon I thought it was time for a glass of fine red wine only to discover my fine red wine mini cellar (a cupboard) was out of stock. With my local wine superstore only a five min car ride I drove there to find it CLOSED WTF!  I subsequently learnt it reopens on Tuesday.


A great client sent me an e mail, in the e mail she said she was WFH, now I know what WTF means so I thought WFH meant; What the F%&k is Happening. Sandra told me it meant Working From Home I think my interpretation is better.


I was asked if I was going to stop my Monday morning e mail during the corona virus shutdown, that will be a big NO I plan to send an update every Monday.


MM and Company news DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*


Our DMCs
Abu Dhabi & Dubai, SNTTA– open and working
Austria, e+o meeting, event & travel  – open and working
Budapest, Cosmos DMC– open and working
Central America, Quetzal Motivo – open and working
Cancun, EPIC Group – open and working
China Motivate China open and working
Florida, C Florida Hospitality – open and working
Paris, France, Nacara DMC – open and working
South of France Phenix Events – open and working
Monaco Phenix Events – open and working
Germany, germanyinsight Frankurt – open and working
Germany germanyinsight Berlin – open and working
Greece, AME Greece – open and working
Japan, The J Team – open and working
Malta, Mi Malta – open and working
Mauritius, Connections DMC – open and working
Morocco, Visit Morocco – open and working
New York, Details NYC – open and working
Prague, ITC Travel DMC – open and working
Romania Premiere Events open and working
Russia, Russian Event – open and working
Slovakia, Enjoy Slovakia – open and working
South Africa, The Inside Edge – open and working
Spain, TA Spain – open and working
Turkey, Blue DMC – open and working


France and Turkey
I was planning to continue putting a positive spin on this, next month Pascal Roulland of Nacara DMC France and Muge Altug of Blue DMC Turkey are due to be in the UK, those plans have been under review, the decision has been taken out of our washed and scrubbed hands.

The visit has been cancelled


Marek of Enjoy Slovakia DMC last week received a confirmation and deposit paid, that happened last week the event will happen in September.


Muge and the team of Blue DMC has a confirmed group for May that has been moved to September which I guess is positive news.


So whilst the front end of 2020 has been lost if the Coronavirus subsides by June, I predict we will all be frantically busy during the last quarter of 2020.  As my mother would say “from my lips to God’s ears”. 


That’s it you are now totally up to date. Where ever you are home, office, home office I wish you well stay healthy and stay away from people I know its sooo against all that we stand for, after all we are in the peoples industry



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