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  • David J Marks



Happy, warm and wonderful Christmas greetings from London W10 on my final MM and Company Monday morning email of 2019.

It’s always good to reflect and look back on the year which has been an interesting one, a good description that could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. A number of our DMCs that MM and Company represents have been bonkers and bananas busy in 2019; Japan, Germany, Dubai, Mexico and Mauritius. In some destinations Budapest, Prague, France, South Africa, Miami, Spain have done OK. The other destinations for some reason be it the trading circle of life, politics or a bit of both, have not done very well this year. I am delighted to tell you that Morocco and Istanbul are on their was back to the top of the desirable destination list for both conferences and incentives. I think the Lions Tour for South Africa and the Olympics for Japan will do both destinations proud.

Sadness and tragedy for so many visiting a Volcanic Island off the New Zealand life is so fragile one minute all is well the next all has gone to hell in a handcart. More sadness for a family visiting Argentina a tragic shooting in a mindless robbery.

It just goes to prove you should try and enjoy every day as the day is a gift, no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow.

Finally thank you for reading my Monday morning email, for the great feedback you give me and for pointing out when I make a mistake (which is quite often) and also a very big thank you for working with MM and Company and the DMCs that MM and Company proudly represent.

May I take this opportunity to wish you, your colleagues, family and friends a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate it, an amazing Chanukah if you prefer, and to all the readers of my Monday morning email a happy, healthy and successful 2020.

I also look forward to the start of the New Year, 2020 what will it bring, there’s something about uncertainty that gives me a buzz, I don’t do predictable very well.

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South Africa

Shaun, Brad and the team at The Inside Edge Southern Africa tell me that Monday is a bank holiday due to it being The Day of Reconciliation. If you need anything urgently let us know otherwise they will be back in the office on Tuesday.

You are now fully up to date see you next year 😊

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