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  • David J Marks


Monday Morning greetings from London W10, I hope you are well and that your Christmas planning is well under way, I hope my sisters' Christmas planning is well under way as well as we are going to her house on Christmas day, normally I do Christmas day.

This is my penultimate Monday morning email of 2018, but "hey David" I hear you say "there are THREE more MONDAY mornings before the big day on 25th December". The last proper working Monday of 2018 is 24th December, I am guessing here but ayone in the office on 24th December will eb doing more drinking and partying than working. i have decided that in exchange for two holidays I will close the office on 24th December yes indeed Scrooge is alive and well living in the MM and Company offices in London W10. If you want Sandra, Katharine and Jessica to have the day off on Monday 24th December WITHOUT having to sacrifice two of their holiday days please send me an email in support of them having a FREE day off. DMC News* MM and Company News* Destination News* MM and Company News There are two bits of MM and Company news I have to tell you about, first is we have an MM and Company Facebook Christmas competition, click here to see what it's all about . The prize has got lots to do with M&M's, hope you find it fun, we had fun putting it together. The second Major MM and Company news I want to tell you is that beginning in the New Year MM and Company has a new member of the team. It is with great pleasure and some considerable excitement that I would like to introduce to you a new member of the MM and Company team.

His name is Adam J. Marks, some of you may be aware that I am blessed to have a twin brother as well as an older brother and a younger sister, Adam is my twin brother Simon’s son, my nephew. Adam has been looking for his next career step and I have been looking for that special person to support my work at MM and Company, happily both these searches came at the same time.

A little about Adam, he is 31 years old married to Celine, Celine is a Rehabilitation Doctor working in the NHS, they have as one year old daughter named Lyla.

Adam graduated Leeds University with a degree in Philosophy but his true calling was found in hospitality and running pubs and cocktail bars. His most recent job was Sales Manager working for a company called Hi-Spirits. Adam represented Fernet Branca, Buffalo Trace Distillery, Fireball and Southern Comfort and was responsible for introducing these products into bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels. Adam and his team also launched Tito's, King of Soho and Brooklyn Gin into the UK market. Adam is a keen runner, he has run the Paris Marathon in 2016. Adam’s favourite drink is whiskey, he is also a whisky collector, an overall spirits enthusiast although I am happy to tell you he also enjoys a glass of champagne. Adams claim to fame apart from being my nephew is that he can mix a serious Martini.

Adam joins us on 3rd January 2019, for the first three months Adam will work very closely with me and shadowing me in the business, his brief after that will be to develop new accounts for MM and Company and our portfolio of world class DMCs as well as getting to know our existing clients.

I look forward to introducing you personally to Adam throughout the course of the coming New Year!

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