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  • David J Marks


Hey, hey, hey, happy Monday morning and welcome to the last week of November. What? Yes the last week of November 2018 yikes I had predicated that November would disappear and it sure has. I'm going to make another predication here, December will disappear equally as fast. As of next week my self-imposed moratorium on using the official title for the religious winter holiday celebrated by Christians all over the world will end and I will be able to use its proper title and so will the copious consumption of puff pastry mince pies, breakfast every day can't wait.

I am flying to Barcelona this morning to attend IBTM, hope the weather is nice, according to the BBC weather app, Barcelona will be 15 degrees and sunny, well I can live with that even if I will be inside the show all day.

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IBTM Barcelona 27th - 29th November I'm looking forward to seeing you at IBTM, our runner and riders so far are: Budapest, Microcosmos DMC - G20 Japan, The J Team - H80 Mi Malta - D30 Visit Morocco - K70 Panama, Quetzal Motivo - L60 TA DMC Portugal - B82 Enjoy Slovakia DMC - D15 Valentina, Maike and Bettina of Germanyinsight Berlin will be at the show, not exhibiting but seeing people, so do let me know if you want to meet with them. Mauritius We are in the early stages of planning a Business Development Event to Mauritius departing the wintery shores of the UK in February for the warm, tropical sun kissed shores of Mauritius with Connections DMC, that to me sounds like a fair exchange. We have had an amazing response so far, which means we only have two places left. If you wish to know more about Mauritius and have potential to operate events, incentives or conferences with Connections DMC in Mauritius please let us know. The tickets are even hotter than the Spice Girls concert tickets and apparently, not that I would know, they are hot, the tickets not too sure about the Spice Ladies. Maybe they should rename the tour the Spice Women? Come to think of it the Beach Boys should be called the Beach Old Age Pensioners oh, I am told that is unPC to call the OAPs perhaps they should be called Beach Seniors or perhaps Silver Surfers.

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