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  • David J Marks


What a difference a day makes, twenty four little hours, so the classic song goes, we went from Sahara summer to UK Autumn as I write this I have trackies on and a hoddie, the weather being grey overcast and wet not good for a July Sunday. Why could it not have been a July Wednesday or Thursday, why Sunday?

Any way I am still going to send you sunny sunshine greetings from London W10, as I am the ever optimist, it appears that the weather will cheer up towards the end of the week just in time for me to leave to fly off to Love Island (Majorca) with my girls.

This will be last Monday morning e mail till Monday 3rd September I am giving you a month off, away from the rants and raves of David together with news and updates about my two teenage monsters.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Malta We are also running another trip, this time to Malta with Erika, Helga and the team at Mi Malta in September, seats are going fast so if you’re interested in attending, do let me know.

Austria When Martin of e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH was in the UK in May we discussed a few things, one of them being a Business Development Event to Vienna, we will be running a trip in November, so look out for an invitation coming your way soon. If Vienna or any other destination is of interest to you, do let me know.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Leyla is learning to touch type a skill she will find very useful as her life progresses and more and more of her studies and then work will be done via a key board and computer or lap top. She is being tutored privately for this skill, do you think she appreciates it? Nooooo. Do you think she is practising what she has learnt? Nooooo? Does it make any difference what we tell her? Noooooo The one consolation is that we can say we tried.

Every evening, well almost every evening we are treated to a Leyla concert, she goes to her room and sings at the top of her lovely voice.

Hannah invited two boys and a girlfriend over on Sunday afternoon for a movie and pizza, the boys turned up came and said hello. I checked them both out and introduced them to my cricket bat which was propped up in the corner of the room just next to my Kalashnikov. They seemed nice enough, hair all over the place, hands full of Starbucks coffee cups and mobile phones. Hannah and the lads went upstairs we have a lounge on the first floor of our wee town house in Swiss Cottage with very comfortable seating arrangements and a big screen smart TV. I went upstairs to, well, see how things were getting on, only to find the lounge deserted they had gone up to the second floor to Hannah’s bedroom. I called out to Hannah she came down “yeah Dad” I said “darling the lounge is a great place to entertain your friends” Hannah’s reply was “Dad we are ok upstairs we are just hanging out” lots of thoughts entered my head but I just got rid of them as quickly as they came to mind, Hannah is a smart, sensible girl I hope the boys are the same.

The girls are getting very excited about their holiday to Love Island i.e the location where the ITV2 series Love Island was shot, I have thought of getting electronic ankle tags for both girls so I can track their locations, I have got the find my iPhone app thing so long as they don’t turn off their phones I will be able to sort of find them. Come to think of it I can forget the tags the girls NEVER turn their phones off.

Well that’s it you are totally up to date there, I am sure there will be lots of things to tell you on my return from Love Island, if you are going on holiday, vacation, leave or all three enjoy, I wish you an amazing time away from the C&I coalface

See you in September

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