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  • David J Marks


Monday morning greetings, hope you’re well and that you had a great weekend. Well look at this sunshine at 7AM this morning and the sun is still shining now that is what I call summer.

How was your weekend? Thanks for asking I had a pretty cool and funky weekend, I was in Berlin hosting a Business Development Event with Camonsite part of Germanyinsight together with Belmond Hotels, we travelled to Berlin by TRAIN if you follow MM and Company on Instagram you will know all about the trip next week. It was a great trip for me as all I had to do was host the event together with some wonderful strategic partners of ours. I didn’t have to do any invitations or phone calls or follow ups, I just had to show up, it was great.

Oh dear, the election result in Turkey was not a good one for that amazing country, The “re-elected” President Erdogan is on the verg of becoming one of the most powerful politicians in the World. That means that Turkey, sitting on the edge of Europe will be a country with totalitarian dictator in charge, not a good prospect at all. As you know I am very involved in Turkey having lived there for six years, Ayse is Turkish and a passionate patriot she is very unhappy about the direction her country is going.

Which begs the question is anyone happy about the direction the UK is going, this is very much a wait and see decade no one knows what will happen.

And finally the good news OMG 5-1 England came good big time yesterday against Panama. I can hear all the critics say “well let’s see how the England team do against Brasil or Germany, my response is enjoy the victory the next round will be very interesting. We can also enjoy the white wash achieved by the England cricket team over Australia, about time too. I do not plan to mention the Tennis or Rugby plenty of time for that.

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The Meetings Show 27th – 28th June 2018 THIS WEEK The Meeting Show takes place this week I am looking forward to seeing you there, I cannot wait for you to see the design we have come up with this year. I think it’s super cool and would be delighted to hear your thoughts when you visit us on the stand. The number you need to remember is F302.


As you know the World Cup is on the for the next few weeks, did you know the the anthem of the World Cup Live it up was filmed in Budapest with the lovely Will Smith? We have a great DMC there and have been representing Microcosmos DMC since 1999. Who knows, you may be lucky enough to bump into Will Smith or other musicians, see video here

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

The girls celebrated Father’s Day entirely on their own accord, no help from anybody during the week before Father’s Day. Leyla said to me “Daddy can you lend me £5 so I can buy you a Father’s Day present?” I responded saying “Oh I’m sure you can find some money to buy a Father’s Day card, that is all I want”. On Father’s Day itself Leyla presented me with an envelop that was quite heavy and it rattled. I opened the envelope, on the front was the words from your favourite daughter, inside was lots of 1p and 2p pieces. These had been lying around on Leyla’s window sill for weeks. Every morning when I open her blinds to try and get her up for school, I say to her “Leyla get rid of these coins, put them in your money box or get them changed” She got rid of the problem in one scoop when she gave them to me. When she presented the envelope to me, she said “Happy Father’s Day Daddy, prepare to be disappointed” she makes me laugh that child.

Hannah had selected a photograph of us together, sent it off to a website with a typed message that the website had made into a photographic card with what she wanted to say printed inside the card, it arrived bang on time, the card was in an elastic band loaded box filled with confetti so when I opened the envelope confetti was thrown all over the place. Hannah took a video of me opening the card she was sooo excited about Father’s Day

Well that is about it you are up to date enjoy the sunshine, wishing you a wonderful week.

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