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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, I want to know who has nicked the sun? Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m certain we did not see the sun at all last week, in fact, it was cold and we are supposed to be well into spring, let’s hope we get compensated for the dodgy state of spring by having a long hot summer. Ok Saturday was not bad, Sunday a disappointment for sure, according to Tomaz Schafernaker the weather bod, he tells us that this coming week will be very nice, well I guess we shall see Tomasz we shall see.

Did you watch Mark Zuckerberg at the Congressional hearing last week? Call me sad but I watched the whole of the first two hours of the first day, it was fascinating. I didn’t realise Facebook generated forty billion dollars of revenue every year. I thought Mark did quite well, what did make me smile was you had these seventy and eighty plus year old senators asking questions about an industry and a system that I would guess most of them had not a clue what they were talking about and the senators staff gave them the questions to ask. One eighty four year old senator asked “is Facebook free”? The answer; “Yes it’s free”. The senator then asked “Well, how do you make money”? Mark then replied “We run adds” 😊

This Syria thing is getting more and more complicated and to be honest even a touch worrying. The American loose cannon in charge of the United States (loose cannon being the operative word in this case)has done what he said he would do, our leader has made her decision and in my mind it is right to degrade and destroy facilities that are making or can make chemical weapons. Let’s hope they did hit the right targets and that their objective was achieved.

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On Thursday morning I have an early morning flight to Bratislava via Vienna, it’s my first flight for six weeks, I’m quite looking forward to it. I’m hosting a Business Development Event with Marek, Maros, Mirka and the team at ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC I am looking forward to a fun and informative couple of days with some like-minded clients.

IMEX Frankfurt

Is coming up real fast being held in Frankfurt from 15th May – 17th May so far the DMCs MM and Company represent who will be at IMEX are as follows :

Central America: Quetzal Motivo - Stand Number: B140

Germany: Germanyinsight incorporating Cornerstone Meetings and CAMONSITE Stand Number: F100

Morocco: Visit Morocco Stand Number: D510

Portugal: TA DMC Portugal Stand Number: E205

Slovakia: ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC Stand Number: G270

Slovenia: Dekon Group Stand Number: C320


It is with GREAT pleasure that I learnt that Mi Malta DMC will be at IMEX which is awesome news Mi Malta DMC will be on stand number D120 I understand from Erika, Douglas and Helga of that Fanny and Joe key members of the Mi Malta DMC team will be in Frankfurt


Sai and the team at SNTTA Emir Conferences and Incentives has told us of a new cinema concept, Reel Cinemas the first hotel-cinema in Dubai – at Rove Downtown hotel in Downtown Dubai. Scheduled for completion in the first half of 2018, the boutique Reel Cinemas – Rove Downtown will have 49 seats and state-of-the-art audio-visual technologies.

Highlighting Rove Hotels’ intrinsic focus on design, Reel Cinemas – Rove Downtown will build on Rove Downtown’s ornate charm with stylized seating and a distinct inner-city vibe. With ticket price covering popcorn and a soft drink, the new location is set to be the go-to location as it screens blockbuster titles as well as alternative content such as football and regional cinema.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Sunday in London NW6 4EU

08.15 Hannah is up and about getting ready to go to her Cheer Leeding training, I am getting ready to go for a run. 08.50 I drive Hannah to Cheer in Camden. At 9.10AM I leave the house, Leyla is still asleep. I run down Avenue Road to Regents Park round the Park’s outer circle then back up Avenue Road, I stretch, enter the house, Leyla is still asleep. Shower, coffee, stuff, collect Hannah at 11.30AM Leyla is still asleep.

Yesterday was my birthday it’s not something I advertise I have had way too many birthdays as it is, so I celebrate it for the girls. Hannah had got onto a web site and created a photo card it was thought out, planned, produced and delivered on time. Inside the card was hidden gadget that flew out when I opened the card almost giving me a heart attack Hannah videoed the opening of the card, it is now in the archive of kids things to give them when they are older. Leyla did get me a card it was a lovely card so progress is being made I guess. Both of my girls are, thank G-d, so different from each other and very, very special in their own way.

Both Leyla and Hannah greeted me in the same way “happy birthday Dad another day closer to death !! Teenagers who would have them eh?

That’s it you are up to date, here is wishing you a terrific week.

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