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  • David J Marks


Is it Monday morning already? It only seems like two days ago that it was the end of the week. So Happy Monday guys I hope all is well and that you had a great weekend.

Last week for me was spend on the M1, the M6, the M40 and the M62 not in that order. I was with Anusha and Carine of Connections DMC Mauritius. There is no doubt about it it's the best part of my job, not necessarily the motorways but just getting out and interacting with our amazing DMC's and awesome clients. The flat tyre and the rain not withstanding it was a great week.

I'm looking forward to a great week this week, on Thursday and Friday it's the Jewish New Year celebrating the beginning of the year 5778, if this means anything to you may I take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends a very happy and peaceful New Year. If it means nothing, please do not read the previous sentence 😊

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There is so much going on in Mauritius it's difficult to write it all down but the significant hotel developments is that Starwood, Westin, Sheraton are busy re-branding with the Marriott brand. As you may know the One & Only Hotel has closed for a total refurbishment of its 140 rooms due to open in December this year. I also understand that there are plans o build 40 new villas in the grounds of the One & Only.

IMEX Las Vegas 10th - 12th October

Are you going? I am, so are the following DMCs that MM and Company represents;

+39 Italy - Booth Number B1220 C Florida Hospitality - Booth Number B2317 EPIC Group, Cancun - Mexican Pavilion Stand D1338 Germanyinsight (CAMONSITE Conference and More GmbH Berlin) - Booth Number B2623 Nordic Visitor, Iceland - Booth Number B2219 THE J TEAM, Japan - Booth Number C3331 Quetzal Motivo, Costa Rica, Panama & Central America - Booth Number D738

Japan James at The J Team Japan has told us that today is a public holiday, it is Respect for the Aged day, I kind of like that idea however I am not planning to join them if you get what I mean. The J Team will be back in the office Tuesday, if you need anything of a Japanese nature urgently let us know.

Leyla and Hannah's twitter and witter bit of the Monday Morning e mail

I was away for a couple of nights last week in Leeds and Loughborough, I got a phone call at 8.15 from Leyla "Daddy, no one woke us up so Hannah and I are late for school, I missed the school bus, I had to get the tube to Stanmore. I'm waiting for a bus, I'm cold and it's raining, can I get a taxi to school so I won't be so late and I won't have to walk too far?" (There is a minicab office at Stanmore station). My harsh, unconcerned response was "if you have got pocket money and you can pay for the cab do what you like". It was £8, I'm sure she will find it back in her pocket money account one way or another.

Why do kids all want to be taller than their parents, in my case that won't be too difficult. On Sunday evening we went to Bar Mitzvah party, Hannah finally got to wear her new "heeled" boots they are not stiletto heels but sturdy square heels with a lift of a couple inches more than enough for Hannah to be ALMOST but not quite as tall as me, she did stand close to me to see how much more she has to grow. When we arrived at the party she till tower over quite a few of her friends who were still wearing sparkly trainers, but no my daughter as Leyla had "high heels" when she was thirteen years old Hannah HAS to have them too even though her 13th birthday is two months away.

Would you Adam and Eve it the building fire alarm has just gone off it is very, very loud and very, very difficult to ignore so I guess I will have to leave the building. Ta ta have a great week.

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