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  • David J Marks


Happy Monday, the last Monday morning email of July 2017 and the penultimate email before I take the girls for a couple of weeks to Croatia, four days in Dubrovnik and a week on an island off the Adriatic coast part of Croatian territory called Hvar. To be honest with you it’s a bit of a bus man’s holiday, we have known and worked with a DMC in Croatia and I have never been so I have decided it’s time to go. Croatia seems to be the destination of the moment, I shall check it out and let you know. Oh I have almost finished the first paragraph and I haven’t mentioned the weather, so I shall remedy that right away. The third week of July was as the newspapers would call it, a damp squib, just awful. I have worn a jumper all week that does not surprise you at all, the temperature needs to be a least 28 degrees for me to wear a short sleeve shirt or a T-shirt. I need to admit to you that I had the heating on last Tuesday.

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We had a fairly busy July one way or another next month, August we have even got events going on in Costa Rica, Budapest and Germany. Are patterns changing, I wonder.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Leyla is great fun and I’m having a great time with her, she’s also a handful and head strong. She has a habit of deciding to make cookies or cup-cakes or something similar late at night. On Thursday it was popcorn, except she put the corn kernels in a wooden bowl in the microwave, not a good idea, do not try this at home, it doesn’t work, not only does it not work, she is lucky it didn’t catch fire. The house smelt of popcorn and burnt wood, an interesting aroma at midnight.

Hannah has just completed her first year at big school, we were invited to the award ceremony at JFS her school. Hannah was presented with two Certificates of Merit for English and Drama (I think). She warned me “Daddy, when I collect my certificate please don’t whistle” two chances of that happening, slim and none. As she went up to collect her certificates she heard the longest whistle I have ever made, she knew I was paying attention.

That’s it you are up to date, if you are going on holiday have a wonderful trip. If you have just come back, hope you had a great time.

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