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  • David J Marks

Dateline MONDAY 12TH DECEMBER 2016

Good morning, good morning, good morning, my Monday morning email today comes to you with me full of joys of Christmas having just experienced the famous German Christmas market in Frankfurt with Eva, Silka and the team at germanyinsight Frankfurt office. If you haven’t seen the Christmas markets in Germany stick it on your bucket list, what an amazing experience, in fact, so good that this nice Jewish boy or so my Mother tells me is thinking of converting to a sect that celebrates Christmas, just for the week, only a week, not more. Then I would return to the fold of Chicken Soup, gefilte fish and Matzo balls. Seriously, such a beautiful scene, if you haven’t seen my Instagram pictures check them out, jolly Christmas on steroids without a doubt.

This may be the last Monday morning email that you read before you go for the Christmas break. I’m hearing lots of people are jacking it in on Friday 16th December as the week of the 19th will be quite and people have holiday to use up. If you recognise this scenario, may it take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends a wonderful Christmas and continued success in 2017.

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This really is the last week of the year, still got a couple of groups happening but what is really interesting is we are still getting lots of proposal requests, it’s the classic lets get it off my desk and put it on somebody else’s desk routine and the other one of course, is UK Plc has still got money to spend of this years budgets and want to confirm it before we lose it type scenario.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

The Jewish festival of lights normally kicks off at this time of year however this year the festival night of Chanukah is Christmas Eve so if you check out my intro it’s almost come to pass as they would say in biblical times. We light the first Chanukah light on Christmas Eve so Leyla and Hannah’s respective schools Chanukah concerts happened with Chanukah being in full glow (we light loads of candles). They go to different schools and guess what, the schools hold their Chanukah concerts on the same day, so without favouritism, we all got together, spun a coin, heads I go to Leyla’s concert, tails I go to Hannah’s concert, the coin fell on tails I went to Hannah’s. Leyla’s is a small school and a lot of children took part in the concert. Hannah is at a huge school something like 2,000 students, she’s been at her school three months and she managed to secure a place doing an Adele song as a duet with a school friend (female), she was also in the choir. Hannah is certainly not hanging around, she has leadership qualities for sure and tells everyone about them. Leyla on the other hand is a gifted and talented child but somewhat hides her light waiting to be discovered.

The Bat Mitzvah

Everything’s sorted, dresses have been bought, shoes bought, make up bought, hairdressers appointments made, caterers sorted, Synagogue sorted, note to self must buy a suit, shoes no not going to buy new ones.

Hannah and I went to Synagogue on Sunday met the Rabbi’s wife there and we did a full run through the speech took 13 minutes, I then decided to calculate what I was spending divided by the number of minutes Hannah was speaking then I realised that was a very, very silly idea.

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