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  • David J Marks


Happy, jolly, sun shiny greetings come to you from the funky yet edgy streets of London W10 on this lovely Monday morning, I hope you are well and that you had a good weekend. I was on a site inspection with Filipe of TA DMC Portugal, over the weekend but more about Lisbon later.

I have a question for you are OK with this being a five day full on no holiday working week? Yikkees, OMG what no bank holiday this week? Outrageous! Sadly we will have to wait till May Bank Holiday four the next four day week which to be honest is not that far away.

Last time I wrote to you it was March and now look at us, well into April and counting. I hope you had a nice Easter break and you are back to normal eating all the things you gave up for Lent normally beginning with “c” chocolate, crisps, cookies, cake, cheese, coke.

Last Sunday afternoon, the eve of Easter Monday I fired up my computer to write my Monday morning e mail to you then I realized that no one was going to be in the office on Monday to read it, so I powered down and chilled, but I did kind of missed writing to you.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News* MM and Company News *


Anusha Soopal of Connections DMC Mauritius, the DMC MM and Company has been representing since 2005 was planning to come over to meet up with some of our amazing clients, yes you guys. However you are keeping us and Connection DMC so busy with confirmed events and site inspections that Anusha has had to postpone her trip to the UK to later on in the year.

IMEX Frankfurt 19th April 2016

IMEX is rapidly approaching, I will be attending, will you be going to IMEX? If you are going to be in Frankfurt and you want to meet with any of our awesome DMCs please let me know, the runners and riders so far announced for IMEX are as follows;

+39 Italy on Stand F705

EPIC Group Cancun Mexico are on Stand B100

Germany Insight are on Stand F100 & F110

Visit Morocco DMC will be at IMEX

Nordic Visitor Iceland are on Stand F230

Russian Event Russia are on Stand D430

SNTTA Emir Incentives & Conferences Dubai and Abu Dhabi are on Stand E520

TA DMC Spain & Portugal are on Stand F655

Costa Rica

Next month British Airways are starting a twice weekly service to San Jose the capital of Costa Rica from GATWICK. I will be checking out the route and the destination with Hocine, Nathalie and Arno the Quetzal Motivo DMC team. I will be spending a few days in Costa Rica and a few days in Panama.


MM and Company has been representing Filipe, Luisa and the team at TA DMC Portugal since 2007 I have been to Portugal and Lisbon several times but not recently so Filipe invited me over for the weekend to see the new hotels, restaurants and venues that have opened since I was there last. I stayed at the Five star EPIC Sana Hotel an excellent Portuguese owned chain of hotels. It has everything our C&I clients need and want from a hotel without the international brand price tag. Sana hotels also have some excellent four star compliant hotels for the Pharma clients too. In three days Filipe and I saw well over 24 venues, hotels and restaurants so if you need something in Lisbon I am well up to date on what is new and funky. We had some amazing Portuguese wine and terrific local food I am on diet well fasting for the next week.

Leyla and Hannah’s twitter and witter bit of the Monday morning e mail

Whilst I was away the household had a meltdown, I have no idea what kicked it all off but I did see the aftermath and debris. I am sure it had a lot to do with Leyla’s packing and preparation for a school trip that leaves on Monday from school at 7AM, Leyla had a very busy weekend (she is out as I write this at a Bar Mitzvah party) and I guess she preferred to watch TV and chill in bed instead of making preparations. The school trip was supposed to go to Paris but in light of recent events her Jewish school wisely decided that a different France location should be investigated and visited instead. My tame Portuguese (yes Portuguese) builder whose name is Victor Da Silva who I have a retainer agreement with will be over Wednesday to put the house back together again. Leyla is very much a teenager.

Oh and I can’t wait for Hannah to be one too (I don’t think) Hannah’s preparations for teenage hood started Sunday afternoon with a visit with the Rabbi’s wife to discuss her forthcoming Bat Mitzvah in December and the preparations she needs to do for her big coming of age event in the Synagogue. The “do” will be at St John’s Wood Synagogue on 17th April in the morning if you have ever fancied knowing more of what a Bat Mitzvah is all about do let me know the invitation list is in its infancy, unlike me.

That’s it you are up to date. I hope you have the most amazing week.

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