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Monday Morning Blog

Greetings from London W10 on this sunny morning, make the most of it an autumn week is on its way. A warm welcome to the Monday morning email, I just have to mention what a beautiful week of weather we had last week dry, sunny, warm, outstanding in fact.  I wonder what this week will bring, I have got a sneaky suspicion actually I have looked at the forecast, it’s going to be wet, it’s going to be wet and it’s going to be autumn.  I kind of get resigned to tough out the autumn and winter, it has to be done and I just talk myself into a “grin and bear it” frame of mind, when somebody says to me, oh I really like winter, the first words that come into mind is bonkers. 

OH dear Thomas Cook, such a sad day for so many people, air crew, ground staff, hoteliers, souvenir sellers, taxi drivers, restaurants, bars, ground operators as well as DMCs. The ripple effect of Thomas Cook going...

Monday morning greetings from London W10, hope you had a great weekend.  Looks like the Indian summer is continuing, quite a nice weekend of weather we had in fact Saturday was hot.

I had great weather last week, I was in Las Vegas at IMEX, about seven hours into the flight I though to myself this is a really long way to go for three full days on the ground but I’m really glad I went, IMEX was excellent.  I met up with Bettina and Maike from Germanyinsight Camonsite, James from The J Team Japan, Clem from C Florida, Pascal from NACARA DMC France, Menno Meyer from Phenix South of France and Monaco, Beth of Details NYC New York, Manuel and Susanne from EPIC Group Mexico.  I also met up with a number of DMCs that MM and Company work with and recommend from places such as Amsterdam, China, Singapore, Korea, Belgium and lot of other places.  Three very worthwhile days in Las Vegas, I think thr...

Good morning wishing you a very happy Monday morning. I hope you had a great summer or perhaps are still having a great summer even though in meteorological terms Autumn has started. The weekend weather was great a little chilly in the morning but not for very long, the sun is shining this morning its warm but not hot in a July August manner of speaking. My Tel Aviv tan is fading fast however I have not as yet packed the shorts away.

Is this the week we all get back normal, OK a question. Does anyone in the UK know what normal looks like in these days of BREXIT end game, ahhh but is it BREXIT end game, we will only know when the BREXIT lady sings I guess. What an “omni shambles” to quote “The Thick Of It” which I am re watching it is if you have not heard of the program a political satire show. I am of course talking about normal from a work in the conference, incentive and event industry...

Happy Monday, I’m back from an amazing site inspection/ holiday in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, it has got to be one of the best two weeks I have spent in a long time.  I spent a few days with the team at Eshet DMC seeing what’s new, funky and cool in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and trust me and I know some of you do trust me, in fact a lot of you do, both cities are such awesome destinations.  You get the best of both worlds in Israel, a cool, funky modern 24/7 city in Tel Aviv great hotels with miles and miles and miles of soft sandy beach with the warm Mediterranean sea to swim in as well as the very hip city of Jaffa only three kilometres from the centre of Tel Aviv and just 45 minutes by road on great motorways is the ancient city of Jerusalem. If I started on what to see and do in Jerusalem my Monday e mail would take hours to read, Jerusalem is the most amazing ancient and modern city, you...

Happy Monday, it’s a very happy Monday for me I’m finally in holiday mode.  This will be my last Monday morning for a couple of weeks as I’m off to Tel Aviv on Wednesday. Yaaayyyyyyy just as the weather is going to get hot, hot, hot. Ahhhh but we all know it wont last whereas the weather in Tel Aviv will be nice and warm every day I am there, consistency that’s what I like.  

I’m going to do a bit of holiday chilling and a bit of work, we have a great relationship with a company called Eshet DMC in Israel.  Tel Aviv is actually being talked about now was a destination for the conference and incentive market, in fact Eshet successfully operated a UK group for one of our clients a few months ago, all reports were that they had a fantastic time in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Eshet have a site inspection in a couple of weeks’ time for another of our clients.  Jerusalem is a bucket list...

Good morning I hope you are well and hummmm I was going to say enjoying the summer although summer weather has not really quite arrived except for that Saturday a few weeks ago when it was very hot, the weather has been just about och and vey as my Mum would say. 


I hope New Orleans manages to cope with Hurricane Barry, thinking about our UK weather we are located in a very “Och and Vey” weather area it’s never terribly good also it is never terribly bad, looking at what places like New Orleans, India, Bangladesh and the like have to cope with we are very lucky, however a few weeks of unbroken sunny weather would be nice.  

So how was your weekend? My Sunday was spend with an amazing bunch of people that I worked with between 1984-1988 when I worked at the Sheraton Sales Centre, it was kind of strange to see lots of people I knew some I hadn’t seen for well over 30 years...

Loud, proud Monday morning greetings from London W10, the Monday after London PRIDE Weekend hope you’re well.  I’m delighted to say on my Monday morning email “another glorious weekend”, it’s not often we have consecutive glorious weekends, but we have and talking of glorious, I had a few glorious days in Stuttgart last week.

A very quiet news week, the two top Tories are still battling to be the next Prime Minister, Brexit is still being baffling, Archie has been christened, Archie???? OH come on yes Harry and Meghan’s little boy. All the top Europeans are almost in situ, they have been chosen but still have to be confirmed by the European Parliament.  The Women’s England Football team battled it out with Sweden to come 4th in the World Cup, Johanna Konta is still battling Wimbledon. Finally poor California, two earthquakes in three days but no injuries so that has to be good news.

DMC Ne...

It’s a White rabbits good Monday morning 1st July well that’s half of 2019 done and dusted.

Sun shiny greetings from London W10, the sun has been shining for a few days, now the rain has stopped and I’m a happy man.  I wore shorts to work on Friday for the first time this year, got to love the summer, it makes me smile when the weather forecaster tells us about the heat as if it was something to be avoided, I don’t think so 😊 OMG Saturday was awesome warm then hot and sunny all day just the way I like it. Sunday was a bit of a disappointment but that’s Great Britain for you.

Sorry I missed you last week, I didn’t land back from Cancun till Tuesday morning, then I had The Meetings Show Wednesday and Thursday and I didn’t think you wanted a Monday morning email on Friday.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

Cancun Mexico
MM and Company have been representing the EPIC Group DMC s...

Happy Monday morning, I was going to start my Monday morning with the word “dreadful” but as I’m known as a glass half full type of person, somebody that always finds the silver lining in a cloud, I’m going to start my Monday morning email with amazing, amazing news, on Thursday I was again out of the office and for the first time this week I didn’t get wet, I was not rained upon.  What a dreadful week of weather cold, wet and yes I had the heating on, to hell with the overdraft.

Whilst June may not be flaming in terms of weather, we are flaming busy, June is proving to be a terrific month for conference and incentive events in Europe.  We are also very happy to tell you that the worries that were Brexit seem to have gone away, Brexit or no Brexit I think corporate plc community have decided, we will just get on with it and que sera sera, what will be will be.

DMC News* MM and Company Ne...

It's that time of the week again, Monday. The start of the working week but as we all know Friday comes around really quickly, Sandra, Adam, Katharine and Jess always find it quite amusing when I go into the office on a Friday morning and say "You know what guys, I can't believe it's Friday again". They actually take the p*** most of the time and as soon as I start saying I can't believe it's Friday, I know what I'm in for.

What is it with the weather? Second week of June and I put the heating on, Flaming June where are you?

I have said this before and I will say it again, the UK does pomp and pageantry so well, that the patriotic genes go into overdrive. It was a busy week for Her Majesty The Queen, she is quite magnificent at 93 years old. My Mum is 93 as well i doubt Mum could do as much as The Queen does, OK The Queen has a LOT of help. Then of course after {resident Trump left The Que...

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