Happy, if a little chilly and blowie, Monday morning greetings from me in the MM and Company office located in London W10 , I hope you are well. For the record and to keep a running total today is the 52nd day of Groundhog multi month.

Tell me what was the highlight for you of the week just gone? Any landmarks achieved? Did you do a job that needed to be done for ages? OK what happened to the sunny, dry, warm weather? it was cold and wet only saw the sun and felt a bit of heat on Friday but OMG what a beautiful Saturday, if you follow me on Face book or Instagram I was out on my bike and took some theme related photos .

So the lockdown is shifting or is it? Who knows, it seems The Government don’t really know how or what to do. I think the Government were bounced into making some sort of announcement by Sir Kir (bring back bubbling Jeremy Corbin) Leader of The Opposition. They clearly have...

Monday morning greetings from me, I hope you are well. No I am not just saying that, I really, really do hope you are well and not gone down with any of this wretched COVID 19 stuff.

For the record and to keep a running total today is the 45th of Groundhog multi month. So how was last week for you, what happened to the sunny, dry, warm weather? it was cold and wet only saw the sun and felt a bit of heat on Friday.

What excitement waits for you this week? Wash the car again, mow the lawn again, the dog is knackered and he has hidden the lead refusing to go for yet another walk so  do you take the goldfish for a walk? Don’t take he tortoise for a walk: by the time you get home lockdown will be over.

I am having a great time, talking to our DMCs and clients, posting stuff on Facebook and Instagram, plus I have decided after 24 years representing DMCs; it is time I sorted out the offi...

Monday morning greetings from The Linen House Kilburn Lane London W10, yes I am still going into the office I self-isolate in the car and I self-isolate in the office, everyone else is on furlough, so at least I can get out of the house. We are told by the Government that only essential work should be done I am sure you will agree with me that my Monday morning e mail to you is essential to the Conference and Incentive market place

So what Groundhog day it is today? on 16th March people had been told to avoid all non-essential contact with others and four days later, on 20th March, all bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants were closed. Then all schools were closed. So I recon the real lock down started on 20th March when all pubs, bars and restaurants were closed so it must be 38th of Groundhog today

I heard a great quote made by actor Jamie Foreman’s father describing when you...

Happy day for whatever day you want it to be and very special Happy Birthday greetings to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second her birthday is tomorrow Tuesday, Her Majesty was born in a house on Bruton Street London W1 on 21st April 1926 wishing her many happy returns. Very sensibly The Queen has cancelled her 21 gun salute, she is a very sensible Monarch.

I hope you had a terrific Happy Easter and an awesome Pesach if that applies to you. This week on Thursday to be precise sees the start of Ramadan so if you are part of the community that celebrates this festival may I wish you a safe and healthy Ramadan.

What are you missing the most about the lockdown besides going to the office?  I am missing my regular three weekly visit to the Barber Shop, I soon will resemble the wild man of Borneo and I am desperate for a hair cut.

A thought occurred to me, as flights are few and...

Today for what it is worth is the start of the new tax year in the UK, not sure what you are going to do with that information for sure, the world has stopped, hardly anyone is doing any businesses except the Supermarkets so I am guessing that the tax revenue for the Government this year will be well down and nothing to write home about one thing is for certain I will not be paying any tax. Whenever I used to complain at how much tax I was paying my Dad used to say “paying tax is a good thing, if you are paying tax you are making money” I guess, as ever, Dad was right for sure I won’t be paying tax anytime soon. 

Back to the real question a hand, how are you? I hope you are fit well and COVID 19 free.

I am at last free of the dreaded COVID 19, Thursday was the first day that I re-joined the Human race. I went outside and just for the hell of it joined the queue outside Waitrose, it only to...

Good morning I hope you are fit, fine, wonderful, well and untouched by COVID 19. I really, really, really hope you are untouched by COVID 19, I have had first hand of what this dreadful virus is all about and its not nice, not nice at all, even the mild form of it I can totally assure you, you do not want it.

About 10 days ago I started to cough, I thought “hello” luckily it only lasted a couple of days so I didn’t take much notice of it, then over the weekend I started to feel unwell and I guessed that it’s a bit of man flu. Last Monday Sandra, Subhani and I, whilst keeping our distance in the office, we finished preparing a planned Easter mailing, having got the 200 mail pieces ready for collection by Royal Mail we all decided it would be better that MM and Company decamped to working from home. Not a moment too soon as by Monday afternoon I was feeling a lot worse in fact I guess I ha...

Happy Monday, it seems a week is a long time in the life of an epidemic, increased cases all over the world except China which has got to be good news, in fact very good news.  If it took China from January to mid-March to declare no further cases, then I reckon by the beginning of June we should be out the other side of this COVID 19. Got to love some positive news I think we need to celebrate that news, clearly the draconian actions Chins took have generated results.

The virus is effecting millions of people and hundreds of thousands of businesses, on Sunday afternoon I thought it was time for a glass of fine red wine only to discover my fine red wine mini cellar (a cupboard) was out of stock. With my local wine superstore only a five min car ride I drove there to find it CLOSED WTF!  I subsequently learnt it reopens on Tuesday.

A great client sent me an e mail, in the e mail she said sh...

Happy Monday morning and Happy St Patrick’s Day for tomorrow to our Irish friends,  I hope you are fit, fine, wonderful, well, cool and COVID 19 free, in my world the glass is ALWAYS half full, never ever half empty although as this Covid-19 nightmare continues the glass is beginning to think it’s half empty, I won’t let that happen. 

Corona virus is getting scarily close, I can feel the Corona critters breathing down my neck all singing “we are coming to get you”

It is clear that March and April are lost overseas conference, incentive and event months, in fact not wanting to be selfish and self centered they are lost months for everyone unless you are in the grocery business, supplying or selling or in the toilet roll and hand sanitising business then you are doing well . Hopefully the months of May and June as the sun will be shining “hope will spring eternal” and by September every...

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